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I picked my NEW ADULT novella series for Apryl's blogfest. You can find FORGET ME and SHOCK ME here: Amazon

I am the doppelgänger; a myth, a night fright, and as singular in existence as an individual's dream—a demon's blunder. I have no name, no flesh, and no identity unless I wear one of you, a human. I'm supposed to kill you, but I just can't. I choose to double up—everyone has a twin, right? 

I select a host who will not be sharing the same space I intend to occupy for a period of time. Someone leaving town, or indisposed because of illness or accident; it works for me, elders be damned. Pardon the pun.

This is my life; I walk a thin wire between my world and yours, living vicariously one human at a time.

 Live fast, play hard, move on! That was my mantra...

...until I dressed myself in CeCe, Miss. I'm-So-Much-Better-Than-You, who was heading off to Europe with Mommy and Daddy before starting her first year of college. I wore her like a glove, enjoyed my time inside her--everything going fine--and then we met Gaire.

 All sparkly eyes, sexy laugh, red hair, tan and muscular, he intrigues me, attracts me, and turns on feelings 'I'm not supposed to own', so says my guardian. Sh-yeah, like I'm supposed to walk away from that.

I don't in fact, and that's when I find out he's not human, but the most feared creature Down Under, a wendigo—the ultimate bad boy. When he begins to tear my host apart, I shed her form and make like the wind, and swear never to look back. Only problem is, I can't forget him.

Time to find a new body. One Gaire will like. Because I want more than being a dark meaningless creature from Down Under pretending to be part of what's above Purgatory.

Damn it, I want to rock Gaire's world! Unfortunately, I'll have to find him first.

I am the wendigo-aswang, a half-breed. Yep, daddy, all wendigo, likes his prey alive and kicking. Mom, an aswang, prefers them dead. I prefer to imbibe in neither cold nor warm meat. Both of my parents are malevolent, cannibalistic creatures, and most feared Down Under.

I call myself Gaire, move from place to place and hide from a race that wants me dead. I can't fight what I am. They won't let me forget what I've done. That's why I went rogue.

That'd been my way of life for over thirteen years, without a hitch until CeCe walked in, all firm tits and deep dark secrets.I'd sworn never to attempt another relationship after the first ended with the death of a human. Hesitant, I tried to keep her at a distance. But man, the chick stirs the darkness inside me, and begs no mercy. Her obscurity is intoxicating, relentless. She carries a heady essence of Down Under, but damn me I can't grasp her identity, and when I ask, she gives nothing but fleshy taunts and hidden desires.

Hey, isn't it weird how an argument always knocks the crap out of indecisiveness? We fight, get off on all the wigged-out pheromones—and bang!—next thing I know we're both in my bed naked, in a frenzy of passion. As that passion culminates, she melts from my grasp and disappears in a puff of smoke. I can still feel her hunger, the soft skin under my claws, and the heady scent of blood in my nostrils; I can't get this woman out of my mind—pray I haven't killed her—and I have to find her.

One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead~~Oscar Wilde

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Coming soon: #2 in the PURGATORY series

AN ebook novella series

 Released in May

Forget Me 

Book 1 in the Purgatory series

Purgatory, on eBook only


In the small town of Reed City, Michigan there are secrets well-kept like any other small city in rural America. But in the community surrounding the town common a dark secret begins to bleed from basements and attics onto the streets. One murder after the other takes place, and soon it becomes clear someone is trying to break the wicked circle of miss doings that have carried on from generation to generation in the heart this city.

(A Dark and Deadly novella) 

On Amazon

A demented mind, or a mind with dementia? 
Viola fisher may be in her eighties, look a bit zany, and pop out with an amusing rendition of a favorite song in the middle of a sentence. But tread lightly, because if you happen to resemble the antagonist in her last murder mystery or television show, or sound like a suspect in a recent news article, you may end up her next victim.
The Other F Word

  A novel for young adults

On Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback, 
and an exclusively illustrated version on Amazon-Kindle

Dekram can't help feeling like an outcast. She's the only mixed breed fairy running around her secluded home realm of Wandermere. She loves her parents, but part of her wishes she could just be like everyone else. That sentiment only intensifies when she begins overhearing strange conversations the adults seem to be having about her and her future. Something isn't quite right in Wandermere and Dekram seems to be at the center of it.

Wandermere is anything but your typical fairy forest kingdom. You won't find any dainty, innocent, classical fairies sitting on toadstools petting baby bunnies. Instead, you'll stumble upon mouthy teen fairies wearing designer knockoffs and texting on their smart phones. It wasn't always like this, and the adults claim the reasons behind the change is to help them better deal with trips to the human world, but Dekram begins having doubts about what is real and who has been lying.

I enjoyed the integration of the modern human world into the world of fae. Stec is very clever in the lingo the teens use and the phrases they exclaim when excited or agitated. Her references to fairytales and Disney movies had me chuckling. The fun atmosphere of this book will draw in younger readers and make it easy to connect with the characters.

Dekram and her friends are a fun lot to follow. Dek is relatable because she has plenty of insecurities and doubts about her future. She struggles to find her place not only in her family and community, but in her own skin as well. She wants to trust her friends and the adults in her life, but she's too smart to follow blindly. Dek battles between doing what she's expected to do and what she feels in her heart. That struggle is all too real when it comes to falling in love.

Everyone in her life seems to be pushing her toward Detaf, but Dek's heart is drawn to Nesohc. The struggle surrounding Dek's relationship problems is an engaging tangle. It becomes clear that the adults in Wandermere are hiding something and what Dek decides may have a huge impact on more than just herself. I enjoyed the hunt Dek goes on to figure out just what is going on and who is telling the truth. It's a fun, fast paced storyline that will pull readers along with the characters.

(Dark and Deadly, a novella series, volume 1)
On Kindle and Nook

Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes. 
~~The Marquis de Sade

Possession? Obsession? Reincarnation? 
Or a fifteen year old sadistic psychopath?

Adult content, sadistic and visually graphic murder scenes
 where blood is spilled for the sheer pleasure of spilling it, 
and death is merely a dispassionate objective.

  WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING over-the-top evil....
...very compelling and thought provoking.

...advancing both plot lines in perfect tandum,
 ...almost poetic, fantastic.

...very intriguing- and yet so creepy. the writing style here; it's very provocative and very engaging.

...holy crap- she's [  ]? This just got more interesting.

... Man, I really enjoy Erzsebet's psychotic rages! Is that wrong? 

The Dead Girls Series (book 1)

Toni's grandmother is a psychopath.
Her sister is a ghost.
Her boyfriend is possessed.
And she has no idea who she is.
Summer vacation is ruined when Toni's twin sister, Sara, dies. Instead of walking into the light, Sara stomps directly away from it, totally pissed she didn't die in her skinny jeans. That's when Sara finds out their grandmother has a gift for talking to dead people, and two spritely spirits and a nasty soothsayer are all working their angle with Toni's future caught in between.

Dear old Granny's determined not to be the last necromancer in the family, but with the death of her promiscuous granddaughter, Sara, her only option is Toni, who must remain a virgin until her eighteenth birthday...without any ghostly interference from Sara. 

Good luck with that! Sara's not having any of it; especially since the guy Granny's conspiring with is the same guy that assisted in Sara's demise. Toni needs help! But protecting her sister is complicating all the ghostly fun on the other side! Especially when Granny sends Sara and her friends to a crypt of soul sucking fiends--just to make a freakin' point!

Can death stop a twin? Not on your life! Unfortunately, Granny knows Dead Girls Never Shut Up.

***PG suggested—adult content and profanity.



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